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Create emails with an easy-to-use tool

Customize & brand your templates

Optimize for both desktop and mobile

Enable easy team collaboration

Send through our system or yours

Special Delivery is a customized, secure service that allows you to save time and money in creating emails and enewsletters on a regular basis. Easily add text and images through our easy‑to‑use online interface, and Special Delivery creates a mobile-friendly HTML email — on the fly!

How is Special Delivery different from other email services?

First, everything is highly customized for your specific needs. We create a set of email templates, and we customize the online authoring tool to meet your workflow needs. We provide as much or as little creative support (image optimization, writing, etc.) as you need. And, if you need us to manage the actual email delivery — within our system or through your email vendor — we can do that.

Second, the online tool is incredibly simple to use. Email authors can be up to speed entering and editing content in minutes.

Third, you maintain control of the design of your emails. Authors, designers, and editors can only change the content and layout of each newsletter, not the logos, colors, and branding elements. Your emails present a cohesive, professional look for your organization.

Contact us to see how easy it is to create and send your emails Special Delivery.

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